Who are we?

MELLANMÅL literally means “middle-meal” and is a big part of Swedish food culture. It’s a healthier small meal between meals, usually low on sugar and high on protein, as opposed to a sweet snack. Snacking on sweet candy bars leads to blood sugar spikes,
post-snacking drowsiness and increased risk of
gaining weight.

When you need a healthier top-up between meals,
grab a Mellanmål.

We’ll be stocking up Mellanmalofsweden.com with healthy bites from Scandinavia and the Nordics, starting with RE:DO protein bars and drinks.

Cultural Enrichment

We value the significance of cultural diversity and aim to enrich the American experience by introducing the Mellanmål culture. We embrace the traditions, stories, and flavors of the Nordic region to create a bridge between continents.

Nutritional Excellence

Our commitment to health and wellness is unwavering. We prioritize sourcing snacks that are not only delicious but also nutritionally beneficial, promoting a balanced lifestyle for our consumers.


We uphold authenticity in every aspect of our business, from the products we offer to the stories we share. Our snacks embody the true essence of Nordic flavors, and we transparently share our journey from source to shelf.

Behind the scenes

Mellanmål of Sweden was founded by me, Donnie SC Lygonis. I’m a Swedish entrepreneur, ex-army officer and and professional fitness instructor.

Back in 2013 I created the first low sugar, high protein, low fat ice cream on the Swedish market, LOHILO (Low, High, Low, get it?) which became a big success and was nationally distributed in Sweden within a year after it’s release.

Then in 2016 the Swedish government asked me to help start a Nordic startup hub in Silicon Valley which found me in California. I quickly found myself missing a vital part of my daily nutrition routine – my Mellanmål, the healthy middle-meal I eat between larger meals, which is an ingrained part of Swedish nutritional culture. Not sweet snacks note you, healthier things like crispbread, cottage cheese, fruit and vegetables.

Not being someone to sit on my hands and wait for things to happen, I decided to do something about it. And then not only make good mellanmåls available on the US market, but also introduce the whole culture of mellanmål to America, helping people swap their sweet snacks for healthier bites in order to live better lives, perform better and become more productive.

Unfortunately the pandemic got in the way of the first market launch, but now finally we can start introducing premium healthy Swedish products on the US market, handpicked by the Mellanmål team. 

Our Mission

Our umbrella brand Mellanmål Inc is dedicated to providing consumers with not only wholesome and delicious treats but also
an opportunity to embrace a new way of snacking that embodies wellness, balance, and cultural exploration.